Today Delta announces a 14.5% pay raise for FA’s.
Please send the following (don’t forget to sign your name on the bottom and employee number), or click the red envelope below!:


Dear Mr. Parker,

You have repeatedly stated that you believe in paying your people the best wages in the industry while excluding Profit Sharing as a program for incentive.

Today, Delta announces a 14.5% pay raise for Flight Attendants. Profit sharing will continue and they will receive a higher company contribution to their 401K amounts. Delta also recently announced Sky Spas for their employee’s use.

As Delta profits and does well, so do their employees. Here at American, while the airline may be doing well, the employees do not reap any benefit other than just having a job.

We believe it is time for you to reconsider your stance on Profit Sharing. If you do not want to call it Profit Sharing, by all means Bonus works just fine. An airline cannot exist without all integral parts. Namely aircraft, Pilots, Flight Attendants, Mechanics, Agents, and Baggage Handlers. We are the people who keep this airline moving day in and day out. While the profits soar, our hard earned paychecks remain the same. While the planes are more packed than they have ever been, and we work harder for our paycheck, we see nothing extra at the end of our day. While we continue to smile through mechanicals, oversold flights, catering issues, and passenger issues brought upon us by poor decisions made by management, we do not see a single form of appreciation. While we are allowed to board an aircraft in ninety degree heat, management sits in an air conditioned office counting the profits we are helping to reap.

It’s time for the workers of this airline to be given recognition for the sacrifices we made. Our Profit Sharing and retiree healthcare are gone. Our Pensions frozen. When will we see the rewards that were promised to us by the merger? If you consider the Equity Payout alone it does not begin to compensate for the losses we incurred. The average Flight Attendant has received around 300 shares. As you continue to cash your shares in monthly, do you really feel that we have been equally compensated?

It is time for management at the New American to prove to us that you care about your employees. To date we have seen no evidence of concern on your part. Every mandate that comes to us seems to be less for the employee and more restrictive upon us than the last. We are tired of waiting for things to turn around for the good. The insults continue to be thrown at us on a daily basis and we want action now.

Please consider following the actions of your peers at Delta. Allow us to feel recognized, appreciated, and a part of the airline we all helped to create. Make us proud once again to be part of the American Airlines Family.




4 thoughts on “Compensation

  1. Jan bachowski says:

    Every great ceo knows uf you are to your employees they will be good to you ! Obviously you missed this class at harvard .you are destroying this airline !! You are a regional airline ceo & have no idea how to run the largest airline ! You are making money for stock holders but what happens when the golden egg runs out for lack of cooperation fron the front line . employees!


  2. Debra Gregory/ CLT says:

    How does it feel to be the greediest, most despised CEO in airline history? While you and the other management f are rolling in cash, that… We, the employees of American, Usairways, and all the other previous mergers, hard working employees have earned for you, you arrogantly refused to show your appreciation by compensating us fairly. All the excuses you use to explain why You have chosen to not give us profit sharing any longer, ei., higher wages, which we have not gotten, is pathetic. We do not believe a single word that you say to us. WE have earned that money that you are spending to have a good ole time. This is purely theft! Not one of the thousands of employees have any respect for you. Sadly, this is of your own design, so please, stop pretending that you have any concern for any of us. Since you have bluntly stated (and tried to recant) in the past, that you do not think we deserve to be respected, thought you should know how you have made us feel.
    Just remember…What goes around, comes around.!!


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