Remove Laura Gladding

To email all Base Presidents and Vice presidents, and request they remove Laura Glading, click the button above. The BCC field contains the email which will allow us to keep count of how many members are using this tool to reach out to the Base Presidents. You may remove it if you like.
Make sure to add your name and employee number to the top of the email.

Email Message:

Employee #:

As a member of APFA and flight attendant of whom you serve to represent, I am voicing my support to remove Laura Glading from office. Some base presidents have called for Laura Glading’s resignation, I whole heartedly support them, and I urge you to do the same. It would be the single most healing thing that would restore much needed trust in the APFA by the membership. The online petition to have Glading resign placed on a ballot garnered more than 5,300 signatures, proving the strong opinion of flight attendants, especially considering how many flight attendants are not even on social media. Now we are coming together to give you our voice. Removing Glading could be exactly the symbolic measure needed to restore faith in the BOD as a whole and show management that APFA will no longer play the role of lapdog to management. Leslie Mayo’s defection is glaring proof that the working together mentality must come to an end if APFA has any hope of once again becoming the strong independent organization we all know it should be.

In Unity,
A Concerned Flight Attendant

If you wish to email this message to your specific base chair, use the auto email link below next to your base chair.

Base & Position Name Email Extension Auto Email
BOS Base President Amy Milenkovic APFA Ext. 8432 Auto Email
BOS Base Vice President Robert Adamo APFA Ext. 8452 Auto Email
DCA-AA Base President Robert Valenta APFA Ext. 8434 Auto Email
DFW Base President Ted Bedwell APFA Ext. 8281 Auto Email
DFW Base Vice President Chris O’Kelley APFA Ext. 8181 Auto Email
LAX Base President John Nikides APFA Ext. 8438 Auto Email
LAX Base Vice President Kristin McCullor APFA Ext 8458 Auto Email
LGA Base President Ellen Eherts APFA Ext. 8440 Auto Email
LGA Base Vice President Joann Matley Sheehan APFA Ext. 8460 Auto Email
MIA Base President Randy Trautman APFA Ext. 8441 Auto Email
MIA Base Vice President Todd McJunkin APFA Ext. 8461 Auto Email
ORD Base President Susan Wroble APFA Ext. 8443 Auto Email
ORD Base Vice President Brian Pinkowski APFA Ext. 8463 Auto Email
RDU-I Base President Fiona MacPherson APFA Ext. 8446 Auto Email
RDU-I Base Vice President Kimberly Smedley APFA Ext. 8466 Auto Email
SFO Base President David Adair APFA Ext. 8448 Auto Email
SFO Base Vice President Russ Reed APFA Ext. 8468 Auto Email
STL Base President Nena Martin APFA Ext. 8445 Auto Email
STL Base Vice President Matt Foust APFA Ext. 8465 Auto Email

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